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In2013 the workshops return

With an invitation to get your own writing coach-


As a product of America’s collegiate writing system, I understand the powerful connection a great writing coach can make for  a writer.


Visit our offering at


New session starts March 17 – Apr 14.


Seating is limited.


Forthcoming Workshops:

ü  Module 2: Building the Corpus - Mar. 17-Apr. 14, 2013

Description: Building the Corpus advances the successive writing since the initial workshop. We’ll be focused on your project’s direction. At this point, critical feedback, editing, shaping and revising of individual pieces take center stage with an eye toward moving the work into a cohesive whole.


ü  Module 3: Manuscript Design and Development - Jun. 2-Jun. 30, 2013

Description: Manuscript Design and Development concentrates on culling the project’s contents for manuscript formation. The emphasis is on designing a manuscript suitable for publication and/or performance. The focus will be on the manuscript as a whole rather than the individual pieces within it. Therefore, critiques of individual pieces will happen, but only to further the purpose of the manuscript and only if/when time allows


ü  Module 4: Publication or Bust - Sep. 2-Sep. 30, 2013

Description: Now that you have developed and designed a refined body of work of publishable quality, Publication or Bust carries you through the formal steps of determining the best outlets for publication such as self-publishing, through an agency or agent, as individual pieces, an entire manuscript or as a performance piece. You will be supported in completing this process through making formal submission of your work. We will also arrange a public presentation of the group’s collective work.


  • “I was able to finish my book project in the workshops. They were of immense value”

~~ J Brown.

  • “The workshops helped to develop my writing into publishable pieces. I had some

of them published.”~~ L LaSalle.


Registration: Recession Priced: Only $189.00 per module*Seating is limited consideration will be given on a first-come, first-serve basis.


  Deadline: Mar 15, 2013                  Deposit Required: $25.00


CALL OR CONTACT NOW or 336.253.1401


Dr. Anjail Rashida Ahmad is the author of two collections of poetry: the color of memory and

necessary kindling which was a finalist in the Binghamton University Milt Kessler Book Competition. She has over twenty years of writing, teaching and publishing experience, and she has also taught at several major universities. Her poems have appeared widely in journals and she leads the Creative Writing Program at North Carolina A&T State University.



** the Gift of the Fearless Writer Workshop in October 2012. was a BIG success. It will return in October of 2013. Join us then!



         I am the culmination of ancestral dreams;

               I am the best story I could ever hope to hear;

                   I am alive; my life matters; let me share my truth—


“I believe in the power of and the necessity for ordinary, everyday people (who often live extraordinary lives) to tell their stories, speak their truths, value their experiences and share that which makes us whole. This life transforming necessity propels me to share my poems and stories because people who do not own or value the validity of their own stories, lives and their places in the historical record, will suffer at the hands of those who usurp this power.”


Award-winning poet, educator and activist, Dr. Anjail Rashida Ahmad engages audiences of all ages with poetry as performance, self-discovery and positive transformation. Her poetry and programs celebrate family stories, rediscover heroes and heroines, and reclaim familial and communal traditions. As a poet who experiences blindness, Dr. Ahmad explores the dusky realms of place, belonging and identity along the margins where sight becomes tentative and a renewed sense of vision extends into possibilities.



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The Fractured Writer: Your Place for Soul-filled Writing, Visioning and Publishing


~~The Sunday Workshop Series Returns in 2013~~





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Anjail Rashida Ahmad, PhD.

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